Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lessons Learned from...Falling and scaping my knee

I sense the lesson you expect: learning to take your time, everything happens for a reason, pain is beauty, prevention is the best cure. Nope. Not one of these lessons did I learn. You see, I ripped my pants. The humiliation of falling, the pain of a bloody knee, the fact that I almost missed the bus, all was erased by the fact that, momentarily, I thought I had ripped and ruined my pantaloons. Indeed, there is a large tear below the right knee. But then I considered my options. Ripped jeans are in style now: why not ripped dress pants? I could cut them off above the knee and make shorts. Au courant, n'est pas? Or...I could patch them and strut my stuff. I chose to strut my stuff.

However, when I went to the fabric store (and Wal-mart, and the seamstress), it was near impossible to track down a decent patch. I had pictured something funky - a cute paisley, perhaps a Scottish plaid, maybe a vintage floral? The only thing I could find besides boring taupes and beiges was an iron-on camouflage print. Not even a hot pink. So be it.

It made me think: nobody mends things anymore. The word is barely part of our modern lexicon. Just yesterday I bought a new CD player (yes, a CD player. I still haven't figured out how to work a MP3 player, or a blackberry, or Facebook...come to think of it, it's a wonder I'm even blogging...). My old boom box (another one to preserve in the lexicon) died. So did I take it to the stereo repair shop? Nope - I wouldn't even know where to take it or if professional tradespeople even fix it anymore. Any why would I bother? It's cheaper to buy a new one.

So my lesson learned? Another one my Papa has been trying to teach for years - 'wear out the oldest first'.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lessons Learned from...Being Busy

It's been a crazy winter thus far - trips to Toronto, planning for Canada Games, executing Canada Games plans, trying to Detox, fighting off the winter blahs, giving into the winter blahs. But amidst all my success and unsuccesses (not failures!) this winter, I've put together some macro lessons learned, what I like to call "The 10 Commitments: MB's mantras to Live. Right. Now."

1. True priorities dictate actions. Actions reveal true priorities.
Simply verbalizing a priority does not make it one, it has to be proven in the way we live.
2. It doesn’t have to make sense, but it has to feel right.
Note: Feeling "good" in the moment is not the same as feeling "right" long term.
3. Stress is only useful if it catalyzes change.
Don't get wound-up for naught. Stress out with purpose.
4. Make everything made with love.
Potential for love is almost everywhere. If there is no potential for love, never mind.
5. You are your own and only foundation.
Gotta be true to yourself, baby.
6. Consumption has opportunity, cost and opportunity cost.
So make it count.
7. Balance flexibility with firmness and rigidity with regularity.
An example of commitment #2.
8. Savor the flavor – don’t waver.
Commit to the moment.
9. Don’t compromise on essentials, but don’t essentialise unnecessarily.
Know what's important.
10. Play. Laugh. Grow.
Fisher Price is onto something.

Sure, I don't always follow them, but then again they're not commandments; they're commitments. I renew my commitment to these mantras everyday.