Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lessons Learned from...Being Busy

It's been a crazy winter thus far - trips to Toronto, planning for Canada Games, executing Canada Games plans, trying to Detox, fighting off the winter blahs, giving into the winter blahs. But amidst all my success and unsuccesses (not failures!) this winter, I've put together some macro lessons learned, what I like to call "The 10 Commitments: MB's mantras to Live. Right. Now."

1. True priorities dictate actions. Actions reveal true priorities.
Simply verbalizing a priority does not make it one, it has to be proven in the way we live.
2. It doesn’t have to make sense, but it has to feel right.
Note: Feeling "good" in the moment is not the same as feeling "right" long term.
3. Stress is only useful if it catalyzes change.
Don't get wound-up for naught. Stress out with purpose.
4. Make everything made with love.
Potential for love is almost everywhere. If there is no potential for love, never mind.
5. You are your own and only foundation.
Gotta be true to yourself, baby.
6. Consumption has opportunity, cost and opportunity cost.
So make it count.
7. Balance flexibility with firmness and rigidity with regularity.
An example of commitment #2.
8. Savor the flavor – don’t waver.
Commit to the moment.
9. Don’t compromise on essentials, but don’t essentialise unnecessarily.
Know what's important.
10. Play. Laugh. Grow.
Fisher Price is onto something.

Sure, I don't always follow them, but then again they're not commandments; they're commitments. I renew my commitment to these mantras everyday.

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